Strange/funny/disgusting orders you've recieved

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Post all of the strange, funny, disgusting etc. orders you've recieved.

I'll start


BLT no bacon

Cheese plate (no cheese, sub xtra meat)


Filet Mignon extra well (no sauce)

Escargots (no butter)

Deconstructed steak tartare (basically a 6oz circle of raw ground meat with a bunch of monkeys containing capers, shallots, a1 sauce, tabasco, olive oil, and salt+pepper)


Steak Tartare well done (had to explain to the waiter what steak tartare was, he was new)

Hericots verts (oncooked, no butter, no salt and pepper) as entree

Frites (no salt and pepper) as entree

How about you guys?
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Hey every one, 

I live in Belgium for a while. My neighbor is an old woman who lives alone. She always receives papers from délices et gourmandises. I asked her once about the papers. She told me that she buy chocolate and cake by writing to delices et gourmandises. In fact, they do some lottery for their customer. But my neighbor is too old to understand thqt she's not going to win by each other. She knocks at my door so happy to announce that she has won a TV or some money. Some time I want to call them to leave my neighbor alone. It's me who should give her the bad news. The good point is eating all chocolate that she buys and I will have with my tea. ;)
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I have a catering job for 75 people just cooking 7 appetizers plus drinks, bUT they are buying the food. Trying to figure out what I should charge of course I would do the set up and clean up and keep everything stocked.
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I can't recall how many times I have had to ruin great food by putting on ketchup or too much salt. But the customer is always right, apparently...
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I find it strange how people mix all the different flavors of drinks and make one drink that has used every flavor on the fountain.

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