storing potatoes

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the kitchen I have is super hot90-95  in the summer. I make a lot of potato salad and was wondering how everyone stores potatoes in this type of heat. I have no cool place. I wonder if there is some type of refridgeration to use?
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I rarely stock up on potatoes, for that reason. Instead I just buy enough to last me a reasonable distance into the future.

If you have a spare fridge, you could, I guess, set the temperature up high, and store them in it. Kind of an expensive way to go, however.

Have you tried large coolers? I don't think I'd keep spuds on ice. But you could fill a cooler with ice water and let it sit a couple of hours, to really cool it down. Pour off the water, wipe the cooler dry, and store the potatoes in it. A good cooler, treated that way, will stay cool enough for spuds for at least a week.
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As KYH says, don't stock up too much on them.  I lived in the tropics for several years, and nothing would keep them fresh for very long.  The fridge was not an option for me.  I just bought what I needed every few days.  Otherwise you get all the slime and softness...yeccch.
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I agree with the others, don't even attempt to stock them, it's not worth it. The problem with potatoes is most of them were most probably poorly stored before you bought them, and most of them were already cleaned (which doesn't help with the storing). So even if you were to store them in perfect condition (chilled dark room), they'd most probably become green and end up sprouting really quickly.
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