Storing "fresh" Vadalias

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My wife returned from the store yesterday with a bundle of "fresh" Vadalia onions. I have never seen them like this. They look much like leeks complete with the green tops.

They grilled beautifully today, but I have a few left and am not sure how to store them. Cool & dry? Refrigerated? Cut the stems off, or leave them on?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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As with any onion, cool, dry well ventilated environments are best. Remember that picture of Julia Child with her pantyhose? That works too. In a dry environment, the greens will just wilt and dry if kept a long time. I find that the longer you keep a vidalia, the more it tastes like a regular onion so use them fast.
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Agreed. If they've already got green tops, they're already mature. How wide were they? They may have been a "spring onion" type. If it gets to a point where the white part of the onion starts to break down, you could always stick it in the ground to see what happens...

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I picked up 20 spring "sweet white onions" about 2" in diameter with tops and am putting them in the fridge like a scallion.
I've been eating them on G&W liverwurst/lavosh.....trully heart cloggingly wonderful!!!
I was surprised when the farmer called them "bermuda white".....I went by the old idea that red and some yellows were sweet and white onions are hot.
This variety is great! I've been using them raw and sauteed in everything.

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