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I am taking over alot of the cooking in the house to help my busy wife. My plan is to develop about 10 recipes we like for day to day eating and thereby be able to keep some very basic ingredients in stock at the best prices by standardizing things.

I hate to be question happy but everyone seems to enjoy helping. I am also in a window cleaners forum and a blackjack forum, I enjoy both.

Would any of these first 3 recipes in my collection be a problem keeping in the refrigerator in a snap tight glass container from Costco for 3 days.

1. Emerils Shrimp Gumbo
2. A fish soup w/ Campbells potatoe soup, milk, salmon or tilapia, green pepper
3. Emerils Chicken Marsalla w/o any milk or cream

Perhaps I am better off freezing for just a couple days? (the food)
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On the contrary do not freeze. The soup will most likly break after freezing. Allo can be refrigerated safely for 3 days. Make sure you chill them down quickly after prepping them and store in zip lock bags or containers. Make sure your fridge is at least 40 or under and tell the kids not to stand there with the door opened.
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Well thanks to both you fine folks for the response. I have not even had my coffee yet but I wanted to see what the plan for my food would be. Great link on the exp dates too.

This group is a blast.
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