Stone oven cooked flatbread tacos, slightly transluscent

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Hi guys, new here and this is my very first post :)

I am currently in the process of developing a food truck/trailer concept for my local area, comprised heavily of foreign tourists (in normal times:)).
The concept is thin flatbread style tacos, that are cooked with the protein in place on the raw tortilla going into a gas powered stone oven with an open flame at around 450degrees c. It takes about a minute for the taco to cook, and protein to heat up.
This allows me to keep the protein refrigerated, as well as the dough portions, and basically eliminate waste. The protein is of the slow cooked variety, prepared and chilled ahead of time. It also produces wonderfully charred and blistered tacos, that are packed full of toasty flavor.

The recipe I'm following for my flatbread/tortillas are as follows:

900gr plain wheat flour
30gr salt
500gr water
100gr coconut fat (mainly for keeping the dough at a good consistence and keeping my base ingredient vegan)

I mix this at a low speed for 2 minutes only, then cover in plastic and chill, then portion out 30gr balls and roll them.

Basically, this turns out great and is a salable product, but I feel there is improvement to be had in the tortilla department, mainly that I see a slight translucence in the tortilla.
One theory of mine is that the dough is under cooked, but that also seems unlikely with a 1.5-2mm thick tortilla hitting a 450c stone for a full minute, and it also puffs up completely to steam the inside.
Could it be that I need further leavening than just steam, or is it parts of the recipe that needs adjusting or straight out changing?

Appreciate any tips you pros might have :)

I'm going to post a few photos from tomorrows trial session as well, to illustrate.
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