Stone fruits

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What's everyone making either traditional or innovative with this seasons harvest?

I was in the mood to make a plum clofuti tonight
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Funny you should ask...
I'm having company tomorrow night, and I made a lemon angel food cake, which I'll serve by the slice, with a grapefruit sorbet that I spiced up with cayenne, vodka, and ginger. I'll garnish the plate with pitted fresh white cherries and sugar plum coulis. Sounds like a lot of flavors, but I think they'll go nice together.
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OMG,that sounds so good!!!

I love white cherries.

Remember, I know were you live ;) don't be suprized if there's a knock on your door just as you serve dessert!!!
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traditional coconut cake with keylime curd filling, blueberry ice cream churned to order.........

we should have a dessert fiesta!

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M Brown,

As always that sounds fantastic.

I'll bring the dessert wines......:)

BTW, hows the shop coming?
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made some awesome preserves with absolutely gorgeous apricots found at a local market. Flavored with just a touch of almond, and stirred in toasted almond slivers at the end. My only regret is that I didn't double up on the recipe, i only got about 2 cups at the end!

Haven't done this yet, but there are some beautiful looking red carrots here locally. I've been thinking of a carrot ginger jam, the color's going to be beautiful!

And with our fab Jersey corn, we had this last week, courtesy of 'Latin Ladles':


2T butter
1 onion diced
1T saffron
3oz. ginger
2 dried chiles*
1gallon corn stock
12 ears corn
1T sugar
chive garnish

*Use hot or mild as you choose.

Melt butter in stockpot over medium; add onion, shallots, and saffron; decrease heat to low and sweat about 5 minutes. Add ginger, chiles, and all but 1 cup of stock; bring to boil, decrease heat to low; cover and simmer 35 minutes. Cut kernels off corn; place corn, 1 cup stock, and sugar in a blender and puree. Whisk pureed corn into soup and leave uncovered til ready to serve. Garnish with chives.


½ cup butter
10 corn cobs, cut 1 inch
3 leeks
1 onion chopped
3 carrots, chopped
1T saffron
1 gallon water
3T peppercorns
4 jalapenos
3T tomato paste
3 bay leaves
4 thyme sprigs

Melt butter in large stockpot; add corn cobs, leeks, onion, carrot, and saffron and sweat til softened and onion is translucent but not browned; add water and remaining ingredients, increase heat to high and bring to boil; decrease heat to low and simmer for 1 ½ hours, skimming fat and scum. Pour through a fine mesh sieve; discard vegetables.
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I was going to make a peach and champagne filling for a cake I was making a friend- the peaches were so good that I decided not to cook them. She got lemon curd instead.
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Hey Marm,

I'm glad you forgot about the "stone fruits" as your corn soup sounds absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing :lips:
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CC, I LOVE Clafoutis!
Cherry clafoutis...
Plum clafoutis....
Apricot clafoutis...
Could you share your recipe?

This year, I've been literally overwhelmed with the harvest of an old apricot tree my hubby has near his family's country house (close to Lerici and the Cinque Terre :) ) and now my pantry is full of a yummy apricot preserve.

Speaking of peaches, I usually take inspiration from my Grandma's recipes (she came from a renowned family of chocolate and pastry chefs from Turin and was a wonderful cook - the only pro in my family!) and make them cooked in wine, stuffed with an Amaretti/chocolate Piemontese-style filling. My grandma also made a delicious peach tart with about the same ingredients (I think it was her own invention), but although I have the recipe it has never ended up the same way :(

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