Stocking Stuffers?

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Well, it's that time of year!

Wondering what you'd find ideal in yoou stocking or under the tree this year OR what you'll be getting for your favorite chefs!
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Been begging Santa for a mandoline. Santa claims he can only find the $179 type --- where the heck did I put that I go on a happy search, I know it's around here somewhere....

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For me, I'd want...
- An Acton 220 series thermometer
- Complete knife sharpening kit (with stuff for serrated knives, vegetable peelers, etc. along with a stellar whetstone)
- A gift certificate for dinner at Le Bernardin
- A gift cerificate for pastries or afternoon tea at Fauchon (if for the flagship in France, I'd also need a plane ticket)
- A book on the following topics: mycology, food science, Japanese soup stocks
- A new stove and oven
- A new 8-quart stockpot
- A new hairdo
- A new pair of chef's pants
- A snazzy beret to wear in the kitchen

I have a mighty big stocking.
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Isabelle -

The real Santa? Or the real cool Mandoline? I looked for and found the link to the Berniner mandoline to send to Santa, cause no way was he considering the Matfer or the Bron!!!

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I will need a pretty stocking too, this year. It has to be roomy enough for a house. Yup, not sure to move back to our house for Xmas...


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Cookbooks! Which one? So hard to choose....

Small things:

An oven thermometer that works.

laddles in different format.

Wine bottle openner.

Crunchy mint chocolate.
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Well, just in case there is no Santa Claus (if I know, I'm not telling), and you need to get your own knife sharpening equipment, check out "Morty the Knife Man" on Chowhound. There's a 3-fineness sharpener, and one for serrated blades as well, at VERY good prices! I'll probably spring for one or both myself! (While you're there, look at the rest of the site; it's great.)
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A peeler that will always work and that won't get lost. And my Grandmas homemade peanut brittle. Yum Yum!
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I don't know what kind of peeler you use but all our family and friends love the Oxo Potato Peeler. It feels great in your hand and makes peeling a pleasure compared to all the other ones we've used. Makes a great stocking stuffer (for yourself!)
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7" bread pans..and a few for spares. And my great aunts scalloped cookie cutter that she used to make sugar cookies and crisp ginger cookies with. Sadly she is gone and so are the cutters and her recipe.
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How about a new apron and oven mitts. How easy is it to ruin the ones already in your kitchen!!! My preference- Williams Sonoma's Light Green Apron with matching oven mits and hot pads- they come in other great colors, too.
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Jenn - I'm with you on the oven mitts...desparately need some new ones in my kitchen.

I think there'd be room left in the stocking for some new sets of kitchen tongs - and a new set of measuring cups to go with the new Kitchen Mixer that hopefully will be under the tree.... :)
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QVC makes these weird mitts, that they claim won't burn, you can stick a hot pot on them and hold the pot without burning yourself, and pour boiling water over with your hand inside...

Has anyone ever tried these? I look at them and don't think that it would be very easy to grip things....however, they do a demo with a cookie sheet and show it not slipping off when wearing the mitt...

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Just one more all clad sauce pan:D

Just one more bottle of papas olive oil :D

Just 1 more of momoregs tasty cookies

Just one more loaf of Kyles sour dough bread:D

Just one more of anything M Brown makes :D

Just one more of Athenaeus Lectures :D

Just both volumes of the cambridge :eek:

Thats all, For now

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