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So I pulled out (from the freezer) what I thought was some bone-in pork chops to defrost for a recipe for tomorrow.  After defrosting in the fridge overnight, I opened up the (unlabelled... duh) freezer bag to discover.. a bird carcass!  Not pork chops, and not a whole bird either- the breasts are gone.  Seems that at some point in the past I pulled the breasts off for something else, and saved the carcass for another purpose and forgot about it.  (Boy, is my face red...)

Trouble is, I'm not sure what sort of bird it is.  It's too big to be a usual store-bought chicken, it has a lot of fat deposits, and the little remaining meat is a dark sort of mahogany color.  It has a long neck that is still attached to the carcass.  It's too small to be a turkey... I think.

So, I've pulled off as much skin and fat deposits as possible.  Not sure what else to do with it... obviously, this isn't pork chops, so now I have to think fast.  Since it's a carcass, it's obviously not dinner.

First off, I'm guessing it's a duck.

If I'm right, I can't think of anything else to do but make duck stock.  Any ideas?
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Cut the meat into small, bite-size pieces.  Saute until barely done, then finish by finishing the saute with bean sprouts and a few simple herbs.  Season simply with salt and a bit of pulverized white pepper.  Serve as a warm salad.  Or, better still as one of a salad duo -- the other being chilled batonnet of winter melon dressed in a soy, honey, rice vinegar, peanut oil vinegarette.

Or make a mild duck soup (I know you said no duck stock, but I can't help myself) along with some medium or firm tofu.  Again, keep it mild.

Either, both or all three (counting the duo as two-o) would make for a very soothing early course in a summer meal.

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Actually, I didn't say no duck stock... I just wasn't sure what else to do.

There's barely any meat on the thing... just scraps really.  The wings are there but that's about it.  No legs either.

Took a lot of work to get all the skin and fat off- it's rendering on the stove right now.

The stock is looking like a better and better idea, despite those wonderful-sounding ideas, BDL.
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How about an asian style soup - duck stock, mushrooms, bok choy and maybe buckwheat or udon noodles?


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