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    Hello to all my old friends here at CT. It's been a rough year or say the least......yet I wanted to peek in and let ya'll know I'm still here.

    Haven't been doing much with food or anything else other than the DD's swimming. Although, things involving Culinary arts and sites like this  mainly because it creates too many "issues" and makes my disposition more difficult to deal with. Basically, I'm just hanging on to the psychological side of things by a thread because the physical/medication side of things is progressively getting worse. I keep telling myself to get over it, stop letting it affect me and push through things but that's easier said than done. Plus add in the fact that the longer I stay away from a career, the more out of touch I can become with new trends and the like. I hate to be perceived as a stick in the mud when it comes to this especially since my heart is still in Culinary arts even though my mind is not.

    For what it's worth, I really miss running a kitchen/restaurant and until I can figure out how to bring Culinary involvement in some form or another back into my life in the form of a career, I have to watch how closely I get wrapped up in things. It's basically comes down to two issues; funds and trust. I don't have but can get the funds to start something unfortunately. I don't have anyone I know of in my area I would trust with running my business since getting those funds would involve signing our life away. Having been through a couple catastrophic endeavors........It will take me longer than a couple months of interaction to be able to make that leap of faith one final time.

    Anyhow. I have made a commitment to try and get back into the swing of things here and in the culinary world in general. I hope to be visiting the site again with almost the same enthusiasm I had 5-6 years ago. Can't believe that it's been 5 years since I made CT a place to participate in. How time flies.

    Anyhow, I have finally got around to smoking some meats this week. Worked on ribs yesterday, today is brisket and tomorrow is chicken wings. Really looking forward to reacquainting myself with everyone again.

    Until later
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    As long as you're eating good food, you have plenty to be involved with here.

    And barbecued meat is GOOD FOOD.
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    gotta go to work soon, but wanted to stop by and welcome you back....i'm not sure that i totally understand your situation, but i have much respect for those who are caregivers...certainly a tough 'row to hoe'...

    that said, getting back into the culinary underworld, the belly of the beast...oy! i'm sure you've thought about this long and hard, but i would suggest even more least on the impact of the physical side of it. it is certainly not the same world as when you left. it is even more cutthroat and nasty. the economy is in the toilet as you well know, so the pie is getting even harder to slice evenly. as you know, this life is all takes priority over everything.....everything, ALL the time!  at your age, can you, are you willing to do that? it is so physically demanding....are you ready for that again? from the outside i would think that perhaps your talents may be of more use on an academic level...teaching at a community college or even at the high school. setting up cooking classes...volunteering at the local SBA...a lot of people need a lot of help...again oldschool, welcome may have been gone for awhile, but not forgotten....i will think on this some more....gotta run

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