Sticky Sweet Chili Sandwich

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Hey Guys

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I have been thinking about a Sandwich that my imagination concocted but I just don't know how to get it done or even describe it - I'm poor at expressing my creativity but I'll try to describe this as best as possible.

Firstly, I will choose Steak as my protein as I'm a steak lover. Obviously, I would want a sandwich with slivers of steak that's soft like butter and easy on the jaws.

The steak should be cooked in a Sticky Sweet Sauce with a hint of Chili. 

A nice mature cheddar cheese is a must - this is what ignited this idea in my head - the thought of the cheese blended with this sweet sticky sauce - yum yum

The Sticky Sweet Chili Sauce in question should also be able to be put into a squeeze bottle and squirt out over the steak after it's placed in the sandwich.

My problem is I don't know where to start making a sauce like this or how would I incorporate it into the steak - perhaps saute' it with steak. Then the question, how do I get the steak super soft. What about getting the consistency of the sauce just right so it can fill a squeeze bottle - I would say just 1 or 2 points higher in liquid consistency than that of ketchup.

Hoping someone can extract this idea out my head and help me put it into action.

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There is a hot sauce that comes with my Chinese takeout that IMO would be perfect.

A clear orange sticky sweet concoction with some sort of chile seeds suspended within.

I am severely lacking when it comes to Asian recipes but if I wanted to recreate this at home I would start by deseeding whatever sort of pepper variety that I found appealing then add a good amt to an orange juice flavored simple syrup and reduce a bit more (to encourage the seeds to release the spicy oil) before thickening with corn starch.

Just spicy enuf and I could imaging eating it on the steak sandwich you are describing.

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flipflopgirl - thanks for your reply.

Your orange juice syrup with chilli infused sounds like a fantastic idea but I was leaning more towards a sticky sauce - the likes you would find with Sticky Ribs. The flavor of the sauce should be well balanced - just a hint of Asian spices with a pronounced sweetness and then the sticky texture is a must. The heat should almost be unnoticeable although I'm a fan of Chili so for my personal taste I would ramp up the chili but if I were making it for someone else, I would make is less spicy.
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