Sticky Steamer Drawers

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Hey Folks;

We use Roundup brand food steamers in our sandwich shop to heat sub sandwiches. They are cleaned daily, sometimes multiple times a day, but after a few uses the drawers start to stick. I know the heat is an issue as well as drips from the meat and cheese getting under the perforated trays. Does anyone know of a product that we can spray on the drawers to make them less likely to stick? Obviously it has to be food safe.
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Hi MG,

You might try sandwich paper that doesn't block air/steam flow. It would capture those juices and drips before finishing wrap or discarded for plate service. Don't know anything about the situation except what you have stated...

Put the steamer tray on top of a trimmed to fit, silicone mat, mark openings and use a punch to makes matching holes. (Makes holes at least 50% larger to allow for any shifting that could impede steam flow)

Otherwise any cooking spray or a light brush of any cooking oil might work.

Good luck!

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