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Hi all.
I need a couple pointers. Please point me to the right forum if this has already been covered.

Here's the problem. I got a manual pasta maker for christmas and immediately made a huge batch. It turned out perfect--consitency seemed good:no too dry, not too sticky. Had a great dinner. The problem I ran into was storing the left-over uncooked pasta.

I put half of the left over uncooked pasta in the fridge, and it immediately turned into a giant lump. I froze the other half. When I went to cook the frozen pasta tonight I also ran into some lumping issues....Maybe I need to dry the pasta on some sort of rack before I store it?

Any suggestions?

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Although I can imagine the answers you will take from the pros, this is what I think because I make fresh pasta very often.

Fresh pasta is fresh pasta. If you do not cook it right away it's not fresh anymore so it changes category and goes to pasta that has to be dried.
I always dry it and I do not put it in the freezer.

And I do not know if I ever will.
Even if mbrown, Wendy, momoreg, panini,chrose and Kylie
TOGETHER suggest you to put it in the freezer.
:D :D :D
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When I make fresh pasta I dry any extra and store it for later if it has been cut. If the pasta has yet to be rolled out I store it in the fridge, wrapped tightly. The only pasta I ever freeze is filled ravioli. To freeze the ravioli, I sprinkle a cookie sheet with cornmeal and then place them in a single layer. Place in the freezer until the individual pieces are frozen thru, then pop them all into a ziploc freezer bag. I hope I've helped.:)
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i agree the only fresh pasta you freeze is what you are going to cook and refridge the other for future use but sooner than later. also make sure when you freeze it it is drying properly with either flour or semolina and has enough space so you don't have to break them apart. now here is the most important thing when you are cooking /the water has to be rolling full tilt place your pasta in and cover so that water returns as fast as it can to a boil .otherwise you are just soaking your pasta into a messy goo. it doen't take long to cook so don't go somewhere like to the bathroom or in another area of the kitchen. you shouldn't have any problems good luck
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There is no reason to add to perfection.
So, As said before me by others, When you have made your desired style of pasta, Unless filled as mentioned before me. Drape them into 3 inch diamater birds nest and let it dry.
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Thanks everyone, this is really helpful.
So when you say-let it dry. Does that mean over night? Should I be concerned if I made my pasta with eggs, salmonella et al.

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i don't worry.... drying overnite or when you need it cook it or make a batch put that batch in the freezer when you can handle it and it doesn't break and it feels firm you can cook it. whatever amonut you make at a time make it then freeze repeat till you have no more dough
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If I ever have to store fresh pasta I make sure it is lightly, but thoroughly coated in fine semolina( flour just goes gooey) and I lay it out on a tray or something similar ( so the pasta is not weighing down on it's self), and refrigerate it. There is always the chance that it will still stick in parts, b/c well, thats what pasta dough can do.
I would think it better to cook all the pasta and keep the leftovers lightly coated in oil, in the fridge. Can be succesfully reheated a la minute.

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