Sticker Shock!

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I call it in to my rep.

He usually asks me if I just want to keep it.

It's just more work for him to pick it up and fill out paperwork for something that he didn't screw up in the first place.

And stuff like fresh fish or steaks, they can't re-sell it anyways.

They probably would just pick it up and take it home, right?

I rely on trust a lot when dealing with a rep, so I need them to trust me too.

Not trying to come off as altruistic, that's just usually what I do.
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Clearly Costco and Smart and Final are the cheaper options, we are a bakery and trying to find wholesalers to deal is out the window.
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What I'm drawing from this thread is that NOTHING is clear.

That one needs to be vigilant in guarding their food cost and purchasing practices.

And knowing who you can trust, and who not to trust.

And deciding if the time spent fighting Costco traffic is worth the effort, gas money, time.

I'm not seeing any clarity, just a bunch of chefs with shitty broadliner reps, trying as hard as they can to make their establishment turn a dollar. 

And that sucks, but there it is.  Well, maybe THAT is the clarity.

mmmm... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif

that's my disclaimer.
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