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    My name is Sharon and I am from Cordova Tennessee just on the outskirts of Memphis.  I have been in the food industry in one capacity or another since I was a teen.  This past August I was relieved of my position as a General Manager for a franchised quick service restaurant.  With the experience in the industry and a passion for creating good tasting eye pleasing food I have looked far and wide for a job.  Then without me even knowing I was "forced" to create my own job.  I have been researching the field of Personal Chef/Cook as a venue both for my passion and as a way to create if you will my own employment.  I was fortunate enough to have some training in the finer arts of creative cooking but most of my experience is just that experience.  I hope to find my niche' in the business and allow my avocation to become my vocation.  I was given a reference to a job for Christmas eve and am doing this as my first official "event".  I hope that I can glean information from those more experienced in this domain. Thanks and hope all of you have a blessed day!
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    Welcome to Cheftalk - and I wish you all success in your new career direction.  We have a number of personal chefs on the site, so you will be able to pick their brains and ask for advice - everyone is very helpful.

    The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photographs on the site are well worth spending time to view - and a source of inspiration for many.

    There are three professional fora as well as a student forum.  Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.

    Glad to have you join us!