Steamed pork tenderloin slices with potatoes

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    A Chinese recipe. from Szechuan, originally named: Fen Zheng Ruo (rice; steam; meat).

    Clean all connective tissues of the tenderloin.


    Slice thin against the fibers


    Put in a bowl.  Add: 

    1 Tb spoon Dou Pan Jian.


    1 Tb spoon light soy sauce.

    Milled black pepper to taste.

    Minced ginger and garlic.

    1/2 Tb spoon of sugar (or Aji No Moto if you consume it; I do).

    1Tb spoon of vegetal oil.

    !/2 Tb spoon of sesame oil.

    Hand mix well with the tenderloin slices and let it marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours.


    Toast a mix of rice, anis seeds, Sechuan pepper and salt. Panko goes well also.

    Mix the marinated tenderloin slices with the rice mix.


    Place salted potato 1" cubes in the bottom of the steamer. I added some cayenne pepper.


    Tenderloin slices up. Make some funnels. Steam.


    Cook until potatoes are soft. You can use any type of meat.

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