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We all love em and cooking them is hella rewarding but my god if I have to endure another 'That's mot rare, or that's not medium rare' debate I'm going to cook come well done over charcoal and stuffed with ground pork. I had a moment tonight with a customer who wanted rare waygu. Ok awesome, I like your style. I cooked it and cut it ( we serve it cut in thick slices to cater to eating with chopsticks, japanese restaurant) I heard one objection "that's rare-rare" and so it begins.... I'll tell you how I cook it. Pan on low heat, light sizzle. We cook it slow to let the obscene lvl of marbling slowly diffuse. I flipped it BEFORE I saw any blood coming out and took i off heat after the flip BEFORE I saw any blood coming out. When I cut it in half no doubt it was raw in the middle.... Is this not the premise of 'rare' when cooking steaks? SHould I have flipped it IMMEDIATELY after witnessing a bit of blood coming out? and again after the flip?.... What would you advise?



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There is rare and there is blue.  An tiny sliver of blue in the middle can be considered rare but come on man in general you want it above body temperature!
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We also have Black and Blue. Very hot pan. Then we also have Pitt Bleu. Pittburgurg Bleu with bleu cheese on top of a Black and Blue steak./img/vbsmilies/smilies/confused.gif

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