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I recently switched from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge.
While in the forums area of Chef Talk, each time I click on to a new thread I find I am logged out.
If I go back to the other tab, I'm logged in.
If I want to answer a message in the box provided, when I hit "send" I find I'm not logged in and must do so again in order to send the message.
Each time I go to any other page on the site I find I must log in each time.
Very frustrating, so I'm back using Chrome but funny....just for this site.

It's no big concern but was wondering if anyone else has this problem.


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Not having used edge but I would suspect a couple of things. How you have the browser configured to handle cookies and/or private browsing tabs which don't see cookies already set.


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phatch phatch is correct. Handling of cookies on your MS Edge browser is probably wiping them (meaning they're not allowing them to save as default) which causes you to log out of ChefTalk when you're browsing. This is also the reason why it's limited to only when you're using Edge and not another browser.

I would recommend checking your Edge browser's settings for how you're handing saving of cookies to address this issue.
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Yes thank you for everything you suggested. I went to settings in Edge then advanced settings, then cookies. There were 3 options, block all, unblock all, and block third party. It was set on unblock all.
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