stay in high volume or leave for low volume....

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ive worked in high volume for awhile now, even stuck it out at the job ive hated since i was hired. But ive been interviewing for anything outside of what im doing now for two reasons: 1) to find a job closer to my house 2) to find a job outside of touristy orlando.... 

i was finally able to secure one, but i havent accepted the offer yet. Its a good 20 minutes if not more closer to where i live, and its in the opposite direction of where i work now. It would be a full time position in a retirement facility (large scale) im just starting to second guess if i should leave the high volume pace for something a lot more slower. Id still be getting full time and the same pay rate, but its just a lot different then anything ive ever been use to, which makes me worried to take that jump. 

has anyone worked in retirement facilities here.... is it something you hated, regretted, etc. 

(dont know if this subject would be better suited in the professional chefs forum, but i put it here anyways)
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Hi Kslim,
It all depends of where you want to be and what are your goals as a chef? Why do you do what you do?

Although I can not comment on working at a retirement home, I can tell you that you are cooking for people who are dependeant on you to nourish them I would not rule out working in one. Have you been there did you do a trail/ stage to get a feel for the place and speak to other chefs there?

I see that you want to work at slower pace than high volume and would rather live closer. If that is a non negotiable of yours and you get the same pay and working enough hours, then think about the pros and cons and if you are willing to accept it or not.

I currently work at a very demanding high volume enviornment but I like the pressure and it fits into my career goals, however we are all different and it is very important to be happy and get what you want from your work life as well as be satisfied, specially if you are going to spend allot of time there.

Hope this helps and I wish you well.
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Take the job. Every once in awhile a new experience is needed. From your post it sounds like you need one. 

Food service takes many forms. Being familiar with as many as possible is a good thing. You will have many opportunities to cook well at the new job and there will be challenges you won't see coming but will add depth to your experiences. Your old job is old. Time to move on.

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