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Recently I took a job as the head chef / kitchen manager at a retreat center. We host various programs where meals are included. I try to run the kitchen by the state code and I have ran into opposition from other employees here, some who have had this job without much kitchen experience. They tell me since we don't "sell" meals and only feed registered guests that we technically don't have to follow the code. I disagree.

Anyone know who is correct?

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The state would most likely say that, since the point of the retreat is to make money, the cost of food is included in the price. This would mean that it is, in fact, sold to the clients. They just aren't being billed separately.

Also, why are they arguing with their chef about kitchen procedures? If you tell them you want the place run to code, they need to get up on current code.
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They are wrong, you are correct. It has nothing to do with selling . If you SERVE food to the PUBLIC you are governed by health dept rules. Only way around it is to be classified as a market where you are under the auspices of the dept of markets in your state, their regulation, much more lax.
New York is very strict with its health laws.:chef:
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Those two guys know their stuff. On my job, meals are included in the price the companies pay to lease the ship.
Whether this were true or not, I chose to run my galley up to code!! Why in heaven's name would anyone argue that??
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About 20 years ago I managed a Cafe in a Potato Processing plant and the kitchen wasn't inspected by the Health dept. It had something to do with private property and not open to or serving the public. After a few years I told them it would be a good idea to be under the guide lines of health officals...........ChefBillyB
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People hate change and really dislike being told they are doing there job wrong:mad: Oh well just be a pro and set things strait. A clean well organized kitchen is a happy kitchen with pride in the work done. A kitchen run "the way we have always done it" is not operating efficiently and sanitary from a pros perspective. Make the change and the ones who conform will appreciate it for sure:thumb: The others , well :laser:
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You're doing the right thing by running your kitchen to code and as others have said you are serving guests food and whether they pay at the table or it's included in their package really is not an issue at all. You're the guy at the top and you have to answer to the state inspectors when they come around so... best you be doing things correctly!
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