Starting my first job on the line

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I start my first job on the line tomorrow afternoon, and the excitement has turned into nervousness. I've never cooked in a restaurant before, but I spent the last 3 years doing dishwashing and prep; both in fine dining and short order environments.

I was finally given the opportunity to cook when a local chef called and said he saw my resume. He hired me not so much from my experience, but because he thought I was passionate about food. He hired me as the main Garde Manger, working every shift but one.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I got the job. Now I'm really nervous. I guess it's stupid to ask and mostly common sense at this point, but does anyone have some advice?

It's Italian upscale dining.
I'm 20 years old.
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Congratulations!! I hope your first shift went well.. you'll have to tell us about it.

I'm sure you're going to hear this over and over, but work hard, keep your eyes and ears open, absorb all of the info the Chef and other cooks will be teaching you, and as it has been said in other posts, don't ever think yourself above doing a task or station even if it means jumping into the dishpit to help the dishwasher out of the weeds.

Also, be organized... make sure your station is fully stocked, take the time to make sure you have the proper mise.. it's things like that which will save you when the rush hits.
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garde is usually not too hard a station and is a great place to build your neatness , speed and consistency (very important)

got to say gratz man

never slack off !!!!!!!!
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I dunno about the not too hard part, you should do fine for the first coupla shifts easy. then they will expect more, and they are right to do so. you will learn all your mise en place, recipes for your station, the menu..THE WHOLE MENU...and if your really on the ball they might ask you to come up with a special dish specific to your station. Also don't be afraid to mention a special you would like to run even if your not sure how to do it. If the chef has the time he just may show you, once.
Anyways best of luck, keep a copy of the menu nearby till you got it memorized and remember you want to be there.
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Make sure you bring you passion with you, everything else will fall into place. People that care, don't fail.............Good luck and knock them dead............ChefBillyB

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