Starting at scratch: Advice?

Joined Oct 12, 2010
So I've been looking at some posts on how to start up in the culinary industry, and I've seen some mixed comments and thoughts. Basically if you guys could give me a rundown on what is best to do, I would appreciate it.Some options
  1. Join a decent culinary school, not too expensive: Give me a foundation for the industry and some skills.
  2. Try to get an apprenticeship through ACF (Not exactly sure how to do this, do the mentors expect any prior skills?)
  3. Get a job at a restaurant like applebee's etc doing whatever they want.
I'm 18 by the way.

Joined Apr 3, 2010
Get something in a restaurant first(you get paid , (your not paying) this way you will see if you can handle it.. Learn all there is, then move to the next better place. Nothing beats practical experience. If you then decide on a school, it will be a lot easier,as you have seen and done a lot.Good Luck
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