Starting a US Virgin Islands BBQ business

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Is anyone here from the US Virgin Islands? My husband (also a chef) and I are planning to move there sometime in the next 3 to 6 years and open a "lolo" or beachfront BBQ shack, traveling coach or a combination of both. Doees anyone know how to obtain a permit for beachfront business? I have researched the health department and other licensing, but am coming up empty on this one. We are planning a pre-move visit in the next year or two, but it would be nice to know now.(to save our $$$$- we figure $25,000 will be plenty to get started small scale- plus I will be going there on a company transfer.) We have been to several other islands other than USVI, and the BBQ shacks are plentiful, so there must be a way to do this.
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My Dearest K&K

Puerto Vallarta is the answer, don't care what the question is...LOL

Food, music, art in general, great culinarians, little holes in the wall on the Marina that would be perfect for a little bbq pit y mas...

Will call you when I get back in town...

All in the name of kick a** food...

The other Cheffy
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I e-mailed you but im not sure if you got it.
Anyway the mobile consession sounds great.
For events which im pretty sure they have in the USVI you could bring your business to them. As far as the whole what is required im pretty sure the requirements are the same as opening a hotdog stand. I would look into the local community codes to see what is needed or just give the licensing office a call to see what is required for the business.
If you want to discuss this more please feel free to email me. I am also looking to start small scale maybe we can help guide each other through the process.

Thanks Brian
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