Starting a Pastry Business

Joined Aug 8, 2010
I am a Pastry Lover and would like to start a pastry shop that offers good quality pastries and desserts.. I have not studied cooking and know nothing about the business, but i am willing to spend time and efforts to start the business. Now I need your advise in what to look for and take into consideration. Should I first find a good pastry chef then he will help in selecting the equipments and be the main chef? How should I go about the actual layout/design of the shop? Is it known in the ndustry if I bring an interim senior pastry chef to train a few junior chefs?

I appreciate your help and support..

Joined Aug 8, 2010
Just where are you considering to put this Pastry Shop? I'm just curious. If you're an entrepreneur with no knowledge of the industry, you better be talking to a Pastry Chef in your area to either be partners with or hire to prepare a menu and bakery set up. That's why I ask where you're from or wanting to do this. There are so many concerns ahead.
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