Starting a macarobns business and needs your help!

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Hello fellow chefs!

I'm thinking of starting a macarons business. I wanted to ask a few questions:

1. For those of you who bake them- what oven do u use? for sure a convection, but one fan? 2 fans?

I know it's critical with baking macarons. They are tricky. Any recs? I thought of buying used oven

but I'm not sure if they are reliable.

2. Do you freeze them? they obviously freeze great. I thought of blast freezing them first.

For how long are you freezing them and  are they still good?

3. What is your favorite food coloring company? I heard great things about master chef.

Any other tip for starting a business like that would be highly appreciated...


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Welcome! I've baked macarons many times and I've had better luck with a conventional oven than a convection oven. But all ovens are different. Just make sure you leave them out after they've been piped for 30 minutes before going into the oven. That ensures you get the shiny top and the crinkly feet appearance that is a must. Trial and error will be your best friend. I don't pipe them, though. I use a scoop. Much more consistent size.

Yes, they freeze well, but be sure to wrap them carefully as they can get squashed easily. I never had access to a blast freezer, but you could try that to get them to solidify quickly, then wrap and freeze. I'm sure others will have their own techniques to offer.

Are you going to sell them wholesale or retail? Because starting up a business is a pain and requires a lot of steps: corporate formation (if you choose to do that it limits your liability), state tax license, city business license, health department certification. Depends on the city/county you're in. Then you need to figure out packaging, labeling, pricing, printing brochures or advertising flyers, etc. I've been going through this and it's a pain.

And where are you going to produce them? This is a whole separate issue and there are other threads you should read for advice. There's one that was posted today (I'm off to read that one) about home bakeries. Might shed some light if you're going that route.
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Thank you for your kind answer!

So....for how long have you froze your macarons? I heard it's can work for month or 2....

Regarding the business aspect- I know it all...I have a business, I just want to transform it to something else....I know

all about insurances, taxes, etc.....not fun!!!

Thanks again!
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