Starting A Fried Chicken Stall.. Questions

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Hi everyone,

My brother and I are getting ready to launch our own concession fried chicken wing / mobile food stall here in australia and have a few food prep techniquey questions for the proffessionals or people with first hand experience.

At this point in time we are strongly considering par frying before service / peak periods and then flash frying to order for the freshest crispiest end result. Just wondering when par fried, to preserve quality, moisture and be compliant with food safety regulations, is it best to keep par fried wings in a cooler environment (As we will be a marketstall this will be an ice chest) or is it better to keep them in a hot box / bain marie / food warmer or some kind of equipment to keep them warm?
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My experience with wings is with a Winston cvap.  Par cook, hold in pans in the cvap with decent moisture (I don't remember the setting), flash fry for a few minutes (3 rings a bell).  


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They hold it under a heat lamp at Popeye's.  It seems to do fine.
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It might be an idea to par cook before going to the market. That way you can cool them down to temp and then store them in a cooler for the market. 
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Wait...I read wings and automatically assumed non-breaded hot wings.  That's why I recommended holding and then flash frying.

If these are breaded wings, I would not do that.  Fry & heat lamp is the way to go for sure.  Quality should be good for 15-20 minutes.  Don't over cook attention to flow.

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