Starters that look like desserts & vice versa

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I would like to serve an easy starter that looks like a dessert and vice versa .
I’m not a chef just a good cook that entertains a lot at home and want to surprise my guests with something quirky and different.
I’ve looked on line but can’t find any pictures or ideas at all .
Has anyone done this , have any pictures/ suggestions ?
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That, indeed, would be quirky and different. Many might be put off by it, but encouraging them to be adventurous might make for a fun dinner party. I’ve never done it myself but would be interested in hearing how it went.
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I have done savory cheesecakes as starters like a roasted garlic cheeescake and a smoked salmon cheescake. Also have done savory doughnuts like a mac & cheese doughnut and a butternut squash doughnut with a ras el hanout glacage. Haven't done any savory trifles or parfaits or mousse but that should also lend itself to the idea.
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Appetizer-Perhaps a very smooth Pate in a savory crust,. cut and serve in wedges with savory flavored whipped cream and Apple/fruit slices.
Dessert=flavored pudding/creme anglaise/? in a bowl garnished to look like soup. Cake squares for croutons.
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Heston Blumenthal has done this very beautifully. In essence, he made appetizers that look like very small "ice lollies," which is to say, the things you get on sticks from an ice-cream truck. Off the top of my head, the main one I remember is very simple:

Start with a square strip of excellent raw tuna, and thread it onto a long cocktail stick. Sear very lightly, then freeze, sealed tightly. Make an avocado puree with almost nothing else in it, just a hint of lemon juice to keep it from going brown, and seasoned well. Put this in a squeeze bottle. Make another puree, this time essentially a horseradish mayonnaise with a little cream, thick enough to pipe. Put in a second squeeze bottle. Lay down a sheet of plastic wrap and spray lightly with oil. Pipe long alternating lines of the two purees to make a rectangle. You need enough parallel lines to go a little past the end of the tuna. Lay the tuna on the puree lines and carefully roll up the plastic. Return to the freezer, then peel gingerly. You should have a green-and-white striped cylinder on a stick.

It's the middle one in this image:

On the left is a Waldorf salad, and on the right is liver mousse brushed with balsamic glaze and rolled in toasted hazelnuts.

From there, you can start inventing your own.

EDIT: Correction -- the fish is smoked salmon, not tuna.
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This can prove challenging to pull off for sure. I would go with a balanced pumpkin pie or a cheesecake with something salty as a base. It's a great way to surprise your guests, though, admittedly.
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I use to do braised oxtail profiteroles dipped with a demi glace, Of course Thomas Keller's salmon coronets are pretty well known, which if your not familiar look like a small waffle cone.
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