Standard sourdough in a pullman pan

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Has anyone ever tried this? I was looking for a way to make longer loaves of sourdough, rather than the typical big round boule. One thing I have done is baked it in a fish poacher, keeps the long shape during the final rise and it can be covered in the first half to build up some steam. Works well.

I was curious if I could use a pullman pan to get a square loaf. It seems like I could bake about 500g of the bulk fermented dough and cook like pan de mie in a 14 inch Pullman pan. I think the pan would have to be oiled though. I also realize that the crust would not be the typical crunchy sourdough free-form type.

Thoughts? Thanks
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I've tried it before (ate, not made) so you can definitely do it if you so desire.

By the way, I always oil my Pullman pan no matter what kind of dough is used.
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No reason the Pullman pan wouldn't work. I always oil mine too. You could pull the bread out of the pan once it's set and let it brown some more to intensify the crust. I don't know exactly if that would work but it's worth a try.
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I’ve never tried sourdough in pullman pan. I make sandwich loaves though.
They rise in long rather than round baskets.

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