Standard "journey person" rate of pay for a red seal chef? Thoughts...

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We all agree that we're certainly not in this industry for the money - if I was I would have changed careers years ago. But as a newly certified red seal chef (currently working as a first cook - upscale dining), I am wondering if I am entitled to a certain pay raise to accnoladge my acheivments. I have heard about standard "journey person" rates in other trades, and I know cooking is far from standard but.... looking for feedback on a fair rate to ask for when I meet with my boss in a couple days...

Any thoughts?
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O.K., ITA  does not acknowledgte red seal as a "Chef" designation, but rather as a "Cook" designation. 

Check with Go2 for "Suggested" pay rates for Cook 1, Cook 2, and Cook 3.

Hope this helps.

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