Stainless-steel pan to fry French crepes

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I try to fry French crepe using stainless steel pan without tiny bit of oil. Because I found that not using oil can achieve an even brown color crepe.
But the crepe always sticks to the pan in 8 out of 10 times. So, I assumed that maybe I should season the pan. As the crepes came out great after I fry two crepes without oil when I use it the first time. That what I am confusing, some posts on the internet claim that you should not clean the pan with soap after seasoned, just wipe out the excess oil. But here is a thing, water droplet test should be apply to know whether your pan is hot enough to prevent sticking. But I found out this test never pass after I seasoned my pan. The water just keep forming water balls WITH sisss sound and evaporated in a short time. I mean the droplets were not as quite as usual after they were formed. So I assumed the pan was not hot enough.Then my crepe ended up burnt. Here, I am pretty sure it is because there are some oil on to the pan so the water droplets didn't formed even the pan was actually ready or even too hot. In order to clean the oil, so I can take a more accurate water droplet test. I must use soap to clean the oil!!! So I just cleaned it and the crepe just still sticked.
Is it possible to fry crepe in stainless steel pan without oil? As some times the crepe comes out great without breaking. More importantly, how can I test the pan with water droplet test in seasoned pan?? How can I clean seasoned pan? Does soap really destroy the seasoned pan?
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Season the pan. ( oil on a clean pan, heating the pan; Don't water test. Just a drop of batter to see if the pan is hot enough for cooking crepes. If it is, make crepes.
Wipe out the pan. That's it.
A fine 00 steel wool can be used to "clean" a steel pan but only if it's in pan shape. . But you shouldn't have to work hard at seasoning a pan. When I make crepes in a steel pan, I begin heating the pan, swirling some butter/oil in the pan. Wipe out any extra butter/oil then make crepes. Then I dry the pan with paper towels and hang it up. I never wash it with soap and water. Soap really does destroy the seasoning.

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