Stainless Steel Fry pans - Am I using them wrong?

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by reedux, Jan 5, 2012.

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    First off, Happy New Year Chefs!  I have a set of Tramontina's full clad tri-ply.  Everytime I use the fry pans I end up with scorches on the outside edges.  The base always cleans up easy, but the edges scorches no fail, and it's a pain to clean.  I'll clean them up with some barkeepers, get them looking like new, the second I use them again, blam!, scorches again.  Coming from using castiron pans for everything, stainless steel cookware is very new to me. 

    So, what am I doing wrong here?  pan too hot? not hot enough?  too much/little oil?  I usually heat up the pan on a medium heat for a couple minutes before I add oil. 

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    It's mostly overcooked oil/fat/grease that splattered up there. Same thing happens in your cast iron, but is much harder to detect.

    You might be using too much oil, or too big of a pan for what you're cooking so those distant splatters land on hotter steel than that closer to the food you're cooking. Or both.

    But it's part of the price of stainless steel as well.