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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by kaazaah, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I just got out of school, got my first paying gig in the industry (which I was stoked about), the restaurant closed down after about a year and now I'm on a job hunt.

    Staged at a few restaurants in the city and a couple of them stood out -and not in a good way..

    Being a newbie in the industry I was under the impression that a kitchen should be well stocked and prepped for lunch or dinner service or whatever.

    But these two places that I've staged in were not..

    I was assigned a station in this one restaurant and was pretty much left there hangin with no clue which dishes go with which items or even what the plates should look like (given that a cook should be able to think on their feet), I thought I was able to somewhat to pull that part off.

    The real problem was there was barely any prep for the station and it was a pretty busy restaurant.

    So here I was preppin for the station while in service constantly running back and forth from the walk-in to the station throughout the whole service.

    And all the while some of the cooks that are actually getting paid by this restaurant are in the back, messing about, dancing and god knows what else..

    Anyway sorry for the bitching, but my question is that normal?

    I was taught discipline and hard work in school, but I definitely didn't see it in some of these restaurants..
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    This won't suprise very many people. One of the thingscyou should always remember when stageing is that you are checking them out as much as they are checking you out. Unless you are really desprete for a job be picky about where you go to work. You dont want to pickup bad habbits or a bad rep from a place with low standards and co workers with bad work ethics. The good places to work will know of these places and it will affect you hireability in the future having a place like that on your CV. Just me 2 cents worth.