Stagiere work in San Fran

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So I've done a few stages before, mostly by simply walking in to a place I was interested in and setting up a job for that day, or sometime in the near future. I've done it in big cities and smaller ones. But I'm going to SF and, for some reason, I'm really nervous. I've cooked professionally for 3.5 years, mostly as entremetier, but i've done pastry, bread, garde, and a bit of grill, butchering, charcuterie, etc.

So I'm wondering, what's the difference between those restaurants that are ok with walk-in requests for stagiere positions, versus the Chez Panisses and French Laundries that require applications several months in advance? Obviously, its the scale of the restaurant, but I'm worried that some of the lesser known, but still acclaimed restaurants i want to apply to will be offended if I go in without notice, expecting to be accepted right away. I guess i'm afraid of being inappropriate or presumptive. I'm from Canada, and will be heading to SF for the summer In June, but don't yet have a place to stay OR stage. I am trying to figure out if I'm way too late to set up something good, or if I shouldn't worry about it and figure it out while i'm there. Some of the places I'm interested in: Coi, Boulevard, Quince, Nopa, and Big Sur Bakery.

It's late and I'm hardly coherent. Thanks everyone.
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