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Hey all,

I am looking to setup a stage in San Francisco this April. I live in Wyoming, work at the "best" restaurant in town, and have the month off for off season. 

Looking for recommendations on restaurants that would be a good place to stage. I have been working in upscale dining for the last few years, and would like the chance to experience a Michelin starred kitchen. 2 or 3 stars would be nice, but more importantly, a place where I can actually learn a lot of new things. I have done stages where I mostly stand in the corner peeling veg and picking herbs, and while not terrible, its just not what I am looking for if I am going to be traveling over a thousand miles. 

Any of you have good or bad experiences with highly regarded - old or new - restaurants/chefs in the Bay? Interested mostly in "New American" cuisine with an emphasis on modern plating techniques, cooking methods, unique restaurant/kitchen concepts, etc. but open to all opinions and recs.

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I could not find anything current related to the subject.

Thanks for any replies!

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