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It seems that several of you are visiting the gateway city this holiday season....
restaurant suggestions (if I leave any out I'm sorry)
1) Cafe provencal French Bistro with prix fixe low to mid $20's
2) The Crossing The boys worked at Daniels
and it shows.....Foie like you've never had it before!!!
3) Cardwell's at the Plaza ....wonderful eclectic huge portions
4) Annie Gunns wonderful meat!!!!!
5) Cafe Champanyard...son of Provencal in west county (innovative)
6) Fios...French by a Swiss...wonderful
7)Riddles Pentulum...local foods
8)Duffs one of the few places that serves breakfast
9) new spot
10)B. Italian
11) Portabello...Italian
12)R. L Steamers
13)Ya Yas
Welll I left out 20 has good info
*check out "The Hill" it's a real I mean real Italian section....Volpi meats, only Italian stores and restaurants in this one's way cool.
Know that I don't eat downtown cause I live in suburbia and will not drive in past Central West End at night. Though there are ethnic restaurants on GRAND and in the Loop
Rootbeer at Fitzs is good...they have an old soda plant that is behind glass and kids love it...I love is ok.
Blueberry Hill is fun to is ok
beer is great....they have incredible collections....just cool stuff.
All our museums are free, our zoo is free, this is a great kid town...the arch has an incredible museum....Forest Park...worth the visit..
SOOOOOO this is my St. Louis, been here 5 years and would not want to live anywhere else....
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Please don't forget China Royale by the McDonald Douglass airport esp for dim sum on weekends... a personal favorite!
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Yep actually Chef's Garden on 141 and Manchester has dim sum buffet under $10 on Sat and Sun
And Manee Thai is a clean new Thai restaurant with the BEST lunch deal in town
$5.99 soup spring rolls entree....Baxter and Manchester....really good....really clean
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Yep my kids love it (Blueberry Hill) I take them there for a treat after hauling them all over town for whatever reason.....

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Hey shroomgirl - have you ever been to a place in Columbia called Le Petit Bouchon? A husbaand and wife team who used to work with me opened it a couple of years ago.
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Nope but I've heard of it.....Great stuff. Think they would want to be connected to the farmers in their area?
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For those of you in the Kansas City area I got to meet Cody Hogan of Lydias....this guy sounds like fun. He buys from 80 local farmers, meats and cheeses too. Uses alot of secondary cuts and has work with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse and Lydia in NYC...
Sounds like a good one.
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I've not been to any of them....guess I better start checking them out.
Trattatoria Marcella is NEW Italian the Komerick brothers run it....polenta fries with wild mushrooms in maderia sauce with bits of gorgonzolla and tomatoes...YES this is memorable....Many adore their lobster risotto.
Lorenzos is new on the Hill and there has been alot of good buzz on it.
I've not made it to Tony's yet....

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