St. Louis-created sandwich.

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    My friend Adam and I have been talking over the months about making another sandwich that could potentially be popular in St. Louis other than the St. Paul sandwich sold in most Chinese take-out restaurants here. I had thought about coming up with something that involved tweaking the Philly Cheesesteak a bit. I've done a bit of work so far by adding sliced chicken breast as well as the steak itself, bacon (as an option), jalapeno peppers (as an option), and also using Vidalia and red onion. As far as cheese goes, I substitute Provelone for Provel (used on St. Louis-style Pizza; more specifically by Imo's and pepper jack as well. Then everything goes either onto the traditional Hoagie or I serve it as a wrap.

    My chef instructor suggested that I could add a Chipotle sauce or use au jus. But I'd like to get opinions from the members of this site.