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my local restaurant and favourite.

a pint of 6x
a plate of roast bone marrow

devilled kidney`s
ox heart &horseradish

eccles cakes and lancashire cheese


they have a web site i think it`s

have a look
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Neat! Now I'll have to look up some of those foods -- lots of things I've never heard of but that sound interesting.

BTW, cmj: you are very welcome here! :) Perhaps you can explain some of those English dishes to us. Or just chat about what brings you to the New World. Anyway, hi! :D
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Hi Suzanne, what dishes are unknown? The only obvious one is the Eccles Cake which is a crispy puff pastry shell, about 3 or 4 inches in diameter, maybe an inch or so high, filled with assorted currants and similar dried fruit with butter and sugar. Maybe potted rabbit? This is similar to a confit of rabbit except that it will use butter instead of rendered fat (strips of tender rabbit meat mixed with butter in a small pot). Anything else I can help with?
It's a great restaurant by the way.
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