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I love squid or calamari, but have to say they were alwaysmuch better when we bought and prepared in Europe versus the US--does anyone have any wonderful suggestions, ideas or sources? My biggest complaint is the lose of flavour.

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I like squid also! Don't know about the difference in taste between here and Europe (Sorry never been there, but hope to in the future). There is this one Chineese/Vietmanese Restuarant In Houston that prepares squid in a very tasty way; I don't know the recipe, but I will try to find out the secret flavor which I like it so much. And hopefully share with everyone who is interested!
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The most highly regarded squid (caught in the U.S.) comes from Rhode Island. The town of Point Judith mainly is a large outlet for domestically caught squid. Rhode Island squid has thicker walls in the tubes and the flavor is much sweeter than that of imported squid out of the far east and West Coast caught product. Although you may have eaten Rhode Island squid and not known it, most bar/restaurants use imported squid due the less expensive costs. If you can buy squid at a retail store near you, ask for product from Rhode Island. Some of our favorite brands our Sea Fresh, The Town Dock and Point Judith.

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