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My aunt loves squid fishing and usually gets quite a haul.  I'm talking hundreds of pounds.  Some is kept, some is sold.  A lot gifted to me!

Now after cleaning hundreds maybe thousands of squid in the past year,  I have some questions.

The internet says you get two ink sacs, one inside the tube (easy enough to get with a sharp knife) and two behind the eyes.  

See in the ramekin i keep the one from inside the tube.  My opinion is the ones behind the eyes are watery, grainy, and also a little bit more red than black.  Am I wasting those throwing them out?  
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Haha thanks kokopuffs kokopuffs

I am hoping somewhere out there is a prep cook past or present who has been forced to clean lots of squid and whose chef taught them all about harvesting ink sacs.
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Let me get this straight...you are asking if you are wasting the watery, dirty ink sac (not even the "good" inksac) that isn't even black? Say that it is usable in some fashion, what do you imagine yourself doing with this abundance of squid ink? I mean, are you just going to keep saving it until....what? 

There are uses for squid ink, of course, but I think, even with throwing away the secondary ink sac, you'll have more than enough to do with whatever you want to do. 
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As I recall the ones behind the eyes are small so I'd probably ditch those, but check them out and see you can keep them separate till you figure it out.  Been a long, long time since I've cleaned fresh squid I can only get frozen up here.  Funny I ordered some squid ink paste the other day on Amazon.  

Here's a great recipe I want to try this year maybe when the weather cools off in October.


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