Spring Rolls

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I have begun menuing Spring Rolls on my new catered events menu. I typically use a blend of cabbage, napa cabbage, scallions, carrots, ginger, garlic and sesame oil. I will add shredded chicken on request. Does anybody else do Spring Rolls in volume and if so, do you have any suggestions for different fillings or tricks you have learned to make them. Thanks!
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I have to say cellophane noodles with mint and shrimp = okay more a summer roll thing, but oh so good.


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for a little more upscale approach- duck confit seasoned with 5-spice powder
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I like using pickled Daikon, Shiso, Winter Melon and Pork Cracklin I make with scraps, it is a strange combination but texture and taste of the pickled peppery radish Shiso, Melon with the crunchy umami of the pork works amazing, serve with a yuzu dipping sauce
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Hi Jim. I have made won-ton, eggroll and spring roll in volume. I had 3 chinese cooks  working with me. We cut all the veges then put it all in a wine press to get all the liquid out as the drier the inside the less soggy.

    New clean oil if possible. Also they made a point of blanching as  soon as possible so the skins would not become wet.

    We chilled them then cryovaced or heat sealed in packages of 24, As far as for fill we used all veg, chicken, shrimp or pork, Whatever we had. Once we even used imitation  Krab and it was good. I served them passed butler style  inside a hollowed pineapple with duck sauce on side. I stuffed won-ton skins with pork and scallion around them.

P/S One thing I forgot was instead of  putting filling in with a spoon or by hand, put it in a pastry bag with no tube. Its neater and faster
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+1 on the blanching in oil.

I use bean shoots, and water chestnuts(julienne)

Also adding some mushroom gives a good result.

On a tangent, I made some Nutella spring rolls for a childrens party, I just saw the jar when I was making regular ones and thought why not!

They went down a storm.
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