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hi. am looking at buying a wagner sprayer after reading one of the treads on here. but wondered if anyone had use it to line molds with coco butter or clarified butter for use with pate or terrines.

Ideally i would like a super thin but crisp shell to give way too a soft pate,

I know this is a savory item but feel pastry skills are best for this task 
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I've only used a sprayer on a couple of occasions, but the Wagner brand works pretty well from what others have told me (especially considering how expensive the commercial pastry sprayers can run). You just have to make sure you keep it very clean and don't lose any of the seals. However, you could use it to spray molds before filling, but you have to be VERY careful that your "shell" doesn't crack by the time you fill it. It would be easier to fill the molds and spray or pour your coating over it. Just don't try to overwork what you're doing for the sake of using a sprayer. If it doesn't make your life easier, you don't really need it.
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Don't see why you want to grease out your  pate molds. Line them with silicone paper, makes it soooo much easier.

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