Spooner has arrived.

Joined Jun 7, 2015
A warm welcome to you all.

I have been reading over the forums for a little while lurking about for tasty & educational told myself some time ago that I would create this account and say hi, HI!

I still consider myself an amateur cook, In two years I have gone from KP to KA, and have fought to get myself into a chef role for a good part of a year.

Fortunately in my current role I'm able to experiment and create dishes of all varieties, we have a daily changing lunch menu, a buffet, a dinner menu and a selection of sandwiches and pastrys in which we all can get involved in.

Due to my experience I am still keeping my creations quite basic yet as tasty as I can, our place of work is based around the creative arts and I'd really like to learn to be artistic in some of my plate designs, so aside from learning what I can in my daily life I'm pottering about for inspiration and ideas from whoever I can to aid me further in my progression to the chef role.

Looking forward to chatting and learning with you all, check on ;)
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Welcome to Chef Talk Spooner, I hope you enjoy the great space that has been provided for us here! Lots of amazing people to chat and learn from. Cheers /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

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