Spooky Menu ?

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I have a banquet that they are requesting a spooky menu. Any suggestions? I'm hoping to get buy with just spooky titles, but if you have anything that looks the part that would be great. It's for a group of elderly women.Thanks
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You could do a porkloin and dress it around a pantleg and shoe. Carve out of a hacked-out hole in the middle of the pantleg...Maybe a bone sticking out...
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Blood Sausage

Goulish..Goulash!? (stupid,I know)

Vodoo Vindaloo

Vampire Venison

Devilish dishes :rolleyes:

Monster Mash "potatoes"

Liver with black brain sauce :eek: :crazy:

Rancid Rabbit with rotten risotto :D

Ok,I can't think anymore,i'll go to my coffen to catch some ZZZZZZZzz,maybe some bulls blood wine will help:cool:


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For the kid's Halloween Party, I am doing Jello Brain Molds with Gummy worms sticking out of it and a large sheet cake decorated like a Graveyard (with crushed Oreo "dirt" gummy worms, again, and marzipan grave stones.

One year, a pastry chef I worked with made chocolate covered Whoopi Pies, added choc. legs to make them look like spiders, we then placed them on plates painted with a spider web, choc. flies and raspberry sauce dripping from the fangs. It was a blast.

And don't forget the standard punch in a plastic cauldron with dry ice.
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ooohhh rancid rabbit, my favorite!! Cape Chef, you've outdone yourself with that one.

-black licorice pudding with a licorice bat garnish
-a 'witches brew' of cocolate and churros (you can make your churro look like a broomstick, with some creativity)
-Little green frankenstein heads, molded in paper cylinders with green choc. or joconde lining

-chocolates molded in spooky molds
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- House of Wings & Things: Honey Mustard BBQ Wingettes and Cheese Stuffed Jalepenos
served hot from chafing dishes
- Haunted Biscuits: Cheddar Topped Mini Biscuits
with an assortment of meat and vegetarian fillings
Such as: Smoked Turkey with Cranberry Orange Relish
Honey Baked Ham with Apple Chutney
Grilled Vegetables with Herbed Cheese
- Spinach & Artichoke Dip served in pumpkins and surrounded by Blue & Gold Tortilla Chips
- Crudite of Carrots & Broccoli with Warlock Dip
- Marshmallow Ghosts- Chocolate Dipped with Orange Sprinkles on Skewers
- Pumpkin Faced Halloween Cookies

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Witch’s Brew- Black Bean & Turkey Chili served hot from Chafing Dishes
-Assorted Wraps including Moroccan Carrot with Hummous in a Orange Wrap
Speckled Ghost Wrap with Peking Chicken & Hoisin
-Pumpkins and Gourds filled with Rondele Cheese & Surrounded by Crostinis
-Spider Web Bries with Crackers
-Crudite of Carrots & Broccoli with Warlock Dip
-Marshmallow Ghosts- Chocolate Dipped with Orange Sprinkles on Skewers

some of these are from a thread on catersource last week and not my own ideas - but they sound like fun.

Spooky Brownies. You use the special orange colored oreos for a fun effect. you could use your own favorite brownie recipe and add the orange halloween oreos for fun..

Meatloaf tombstones use a "cookie cutter" shaped like a tombstone and write RIP in Ketchup.Served with potatoes that are in the shape of ghosts.

Monster claws =Chicken Fingers. Cut a little slit at the top and make a green pepper triangle. Insert it into the slit in the Chicken Finger and Voila! Monster Claws.

A dragons blood punch - serve out of a caldron with a hand floating in it-use rubber gloves used for food service filled with water and put into the freezer-it floats on top and looks creepy. .
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