Spliting the tips on a bakery

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Im starting a bakery. What is the best way to split the tips??

I will have a couple of servers, cookers, head cooker, cleaning staff and others....
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Check and see what the local regulations/requirements are in your area. You'd be surprised what gets regulated!
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I know you want to know HOW to split those tips (and the entire house may be down with this) but like @JCakes  advised check into your local labor rules and regs as many states regulate tips by how much each employee is making per hour.

FOH is usually only a few bucks per hour whilst the BOH is usually paid at least minimum wage (there may be a clause that allows everyone to have the same hourly wage and then split the spoils but IMO I would be darn sure before going off and setting my own rules).

Then again you may only have counter service and everyone in your employ makes the same hourly wage which in this case go with @chefboyOG  's advice.

OBTW welcome to Chef Talk!


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