Spicy gelato desert

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I figured I would ask the expert's. I own a small BBQ restaurant in Myrtle Beach. We are starting to build a reputation for having great food that is very spicy. I bought a gelato maker and I want to have some fun with spicy things. I have a pepper supplier and have about 50 Carolina Reaper peppers in stock. I'm thinking of adding a pepper to the gelato mix. Possibly making a crazy hot chocolate sauce. I'm also thinking about the combination of pork skins and gelato. The crunchy skin would act like a piece cone. Salty, sweet, spicy all in one bite.  Anyone have experience with this or a great recipe? Thanks Joe


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Don't know what Carolina Reaper peppers are.  Are they usually served fresh or dried?  If fresh, you might want to consider going the sorbet route instead of gelato.  I used to do both a Spicy Margarita Sorbet and Spicy Tequila Sunrise Sorbet, but there are a whole host of ideas for adding fresh peppers to sorbets.  If they are dried then you will have more luck with the gelato thing.  Again don't know the flavor profile of these particular peppers but anchos go really well with chocolate, chipotle has a great affinity with cinnamon.  Coconut gelato could go well with either fresh for dried peppers.
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About the chicharrones ...

2 potential problems 1) any residual fat will harden and become little bombs of grease on the tongue and 2) it is near impossible to have a batch  without the occasional tooth breaking bit of untrimmed skin.

There is also the potential sogginess factor but that can be easily dealt with by mixing in ala minute (think of the Marble Slab chain).

Other than that thanks for the idea.

I thought I had tried just about everything as a sprinkle lol.

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The first go was awesome!!!! I topped it with a little Himalayan pink salt.  
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