Spice company seeking Irish chefs/cooks

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Penzey's, a family owned spice company from Wisconsin, sent out an email asking for help finding Irish cooks as they want to feature cooks/ chefs from Ireland in their next  catalogue

. I am forwarding their message to the Chef Talk community for help. Penzey's is a great company with quality products.

Here is their request:

Ireland is the focus for our next catalog and we could use your help finding the cooks to feature. We are starting on a three-catalog arc with the theme of “Love People – Cook Them Tasty Food.” After my daughter Teddi and I visited Dublin earlier this month as part of a larger world trip, I’m convinced Ireland is the right place to start. All too often when we think of love, we imagine it as something soft and passive. In Ireland there really is an unwavering integrity to their love for others. Theirs is a love with the power to change the world.

Our original travel plans had Teddi and me ending our trip in Rome, but with Ireland’s May 22nd election to become the first nation in the world to embrace marriage equality by popular vote, I thought Dublin was the place to be. It’s not by chance that Ireland arrived first at where we all are hopefully heading. Ireland’s history and embrace of writers, poets and their ideas has made Ireland a world leader in how we all should treat others. And no surprise, they cook really tasty food as well.

So we are looking for Irish-born cooks that show that robust compassion that makes Ireland so worthy of our respect. If this is you or someone you know, please reply to this email or come visit our website. And as a needle-in-the-haystack piece for this catalog, the art of the Equality Yes campaign is so powerful and so much a piece of galvanizing support for this issue. Both the official campaign art and the custom individual-made pieces that sprouted up across the country were remarkable and so inspiring. If any of you know and could get us an introduction to those behind this art, we would be most appreciative. Email is [email protected].
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