Spice Cake for 300+

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I need ideas for sauce/topping for spice sheet cake.  Will be feeding about 300 parents/students.  Fruit included? Thought of rum/caramel sauce or just caramel sauce with 1/2 pear on cake.  Trying to stay with a caribbean theme.


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I do not see how pear would fit into a carribean theme. IMO Mango would be better. Perhaps a banana Foster type topping??
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Pineapple mango-or- Coconut pineapple cream(simply melted vanilla ice cram with crushed pine and coconut)  //   or pine, mango ,coconut, sugar, water boil thicken with starch  Keep it simple they are kids  1 sheet cake for 75 people
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For a spice cake topping,maybe top of cake could be dusted with 10x sugar or a simple cinn. icing I would use  a side compote would be great if you made a compote you can make it really fast and is very simple equal parts of water and sugar  . Add Star anise,vanilla bean ,orange zest(or coconut let your mind be tropical) you can use almost any thickener like cornstarch,arrow,and there are some other great products on the market get it to were you like it, me i don't like it watery just enough till it coats the back of a spoon.I have tried a lot of things being in different kitchens you adapt fast. after the syrup  part is ready you could add a little touch more like  cut up fresh pineapple & mango pieces & a little toasted macadamia nut or toasted coconut to give it the flair of the Caribbean place your cake on the plate and you can serve the compote warm this is really good or cold and if you want Rum could be added just  be careful some people shy away from things like that.Hope you enjoy
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