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hi all

i just had dinner in the dining room at spiaggia here in chicago, and i've got to say, it was one of the best meals i've had in a while.

lots of choices. almost too much good stuff to choose from.

they have a 7 course degustation and were also running a 7 course white truffle menu. i wanted to get the truffle degustation, but even with the mother-in-law paying i thought $145 seemed kind of pricey!

so we ordered a la carte. i had an antipasto with roasted scallops, porcini mushrooms, shaved parmiggiano-reggiano, and a truffle vinaigrette. i wanted to order all antipasti; they had rabbit loin wrapped in pancetta served with figs, foie gras torchon with duck prosciutto.....lots of good stuff.

second course was pumpkin risotto topped with a piece of seared foie gras, drizzled with balsamico tradizionale, and crunchy pumpkin seeds scattered around.

from the fairly limited entree selections i went with the beef tenderloin which was served with braised oxtail, truffled purple potato puree, garlicky wilted spinach, and a red wine sauce.

everything i tasted was really quite outstanding. cooked perfectly, seasoned really well. really well executed.

a couple small gripes: they put little asterisks next to menu items that go well with shaved truffle. they suggest you allow them to add shaved truffle to these dishes. the upsell price for this add-on? $45 per plate! whoa!

another thing i thought was strange. we drank a bottle of nosiola, which is a white from trentino. and when they brought the wine glasses to the table, i thought the guy had misunderstood me and thought i ordered a red because the glasses were ENORMOUS! is there a reason to do this with white wine? or were they just doing it to be showy and to try to impress?

anyway....no big deal on either count. really an excellent meal all around....

has anyone else been here recently since tony mantuano took over? this is one of the only 4-star italian restaurants i've heard of.....and i can see why. i highly recommend it.
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Eddie sounds like a great meal...also reads like you got a truffle fix.
Jim Fiala one of The Crossing owners/chefs work at spiaggia several years ago...he makes some pretty darn good pasta....one of the most memorable dishes I had last year was a large ravioli with chard, mascarpone, ricotta, parmesan and an egg yolk in the middle....served with an alfredo sauce the yolk melded into the alfredo...lucious.
We have Tony's in St. Louis that is also top of the line Italian.
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