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I am looking for 2-3 distributors in NYC and Bergen County area where I can get specialty baking needs such as

Valrhona chocoalte, glacage, praline paste, feuilletine. (I already know chef warehouse, qzina and paris gourmet....)
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Swiss Chalet is great!
There is a lovely sales lady who's name I don't want to write here.She is from the industries and knows most of the time exactly what your needs are.
Try it out!
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There are a few options for national distributors as well as local ones.  I get superior praline paste from Albert Uster Imports (auiswiss.com) as well as feuilletine, they've just started selling glacage in white, silver, gold and chocolate. They have feuille de bric as well, and that is hard for me to find. I use a few different brands/types of chocolate (some of theirs but I get the Valhrona locally).  AUI ships from Maryland as well as other national distribution points (so if the MD warehouse doesn't have it, it could ship from CA or the midwest. So you get it no matter what.

I like the Ponthier fruit purees from Swiss Chalet, and I get their pate a glace (they have buckets and rondos) on occasion.

ChefRubber has a lot of stuff but sometimes their shipping is slower than I'd like.  With Swiss Chalet if I place an order by 1 pm, I have it in house by 10 am the next day (pretty amazing actually).  With AUI, it's order Monday get it Wednesday because of where I am; you would probably get it faster.

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