Specialty chef tools, timbales, molds, etc. in Canada?

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Would anyone know of a Canadian supplier (preferably on-line) that specializes in chef's tools, molds, timbales, gadgets etc?

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I don't know of a Canadian supplier, but I do know of a few on-line suppliers.  JBPrince is good, but a bit pricy.  Matfer has good products, but their website is not very good.  Getting a catalogue from them is better than trying to negociate their site.
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Most of your local restaurant suppliers can order any of this stuff in for you.  They usually order from JB Prince.  The stuff is pricey but the advantage of ordering through your restaurant supplier is you don't have to pay shipping or duty. 
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I've used cheftools.com several times; they are U.S. based but ship to Canada and seem to have good selection, though sometimes certain items have higher price than local stores - I guess that's the price you pay for convenience.
Not sure of you location in Canada; Vancouver has Gourmet Warehouse with a good selection of items you mention.
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