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My boss is gone for the week and was wondering what u guy thought of this as a special. Pan seared scallops served with rice, and an andouille, bell pepper, tomato, sauce of some sort. (sort of a jambalaya thing). just a thought, any imput would be apprieted. Thanks always enjoy reading everthing everyone has to say.


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Scallops plain would not be my first choice.  Maybe blacken the scallops?

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Sounds like it could be good. You know it might be nice to serve your scallops with the sauce over risotto? I was thinking a bed of lobster risotto maybe a little saffron? Sear the scallops with a little homemade lemon pepper. Maybe make a relish from the ingredients for your sauce. Garnish with a roasted or smoked chili oil?

Just some thoughts. Have some fun with it!
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Scallops are probably too subtle for the jambalaya, they'd be lost. 

I don't get the risotto thing as written.  You need to be a lot clearer to get specific feedback.  Are you thinking of a vegetable or chicken stock risotto with cheese -- then scallops, then finally a creole style tomato sauce?  Sounds pretty awful, but maybe that isn't what you meant.

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here's my two bits...i think you have a workable idea, but as kuan says, blacken the scallops(sea, i hope) and i would maybe turn the risotto or rice/red beans into a cake, lose the green bell pepper and make the sauce more of a gumbo sauce, not a  jambalaya.....on the plate a bit of sauce,place the perfectly pan seared scallops on sauce bed, then rice or timbale cake behind, then more of the chunky stuff from the gumbo over the rice cake(not smothered)and garnish with roasted corn, green onions or onion straws...that's my quick take....i did a sea scallop special a few weeks ago that was, well we sold out, if that says anything.....in a nut shell....5 spice dusted sea scallop(pan seared) with a mango chili sauce, each topped with an asian 'pesto'(spinach, ginger, basil, thai sweet chile sauce etc.) served with fresh butternut squash and chive ravioli...lightly fried...sea scallops are so wonderful, i'm sure whatever you do, as long as you don't overcook them will be fine...in my opinion, they can take any spice,, but you really want the actual taste of the scallop to shine through...everything else is just accessories...you're most probably a great sous chef, anyway, and just want feedback.....cheers, chef!

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